Why Become an Affiliate of City Publishing?

• So you can have your own small business, without having to start one from scratch.

• Align with a company that's successful.

A lot of the risk in starting a business from scratch is encountered during the startup phase. No one knows your name, what you’re selling or where you are. So they are less likely to buy. Becoming an affiliate offers you the opportunity to reduce that vulnerability, and jump right to extending the reach of an already known enterprise. In most cases, people already know you and are familiar with your product or service, so they’re more likely to purchase from you.

Becoming an affiliate is like investing in yourself. There’s a lot of mystery in starting a business from scratch. Similar ventures may be a guide, but there are lots of unknowns. An affiliate means you’re buying-in to an existing operating system. And since the company benefits when you do well, they’ll want to support you along the way. So, the real variable is you. And your belief in the company. Just use the valuable tools they give you, and your business should grow like it was designed to.

Our success is tied to yours. We offer continued training, outstanding marketing support, incentives, and field support to our affiliates. In a win-win arrangement, opening day should be just the beginning.